Bronwyn Boyle graduated with a degree in journalism and wrote for Western Australian Newspapers before working in the justice system, where she was rapidly promoted through a series of managerial positions for the WA Department of Justice. She began studying human behavior and personal development while working in the justice system, gaining multiple qualifications. She studied with and mentored by Caroline Mysis for well over ten years. She has run her own business as an Archetypal consultant teaching workshops to private and corporate groups since 2008.

This hybrid blend of corporate and personal development expertise is grounded in a fascination of ‘why people do what they do’ and vast experience, travelling the world with her experience, tenacity & bringing her to where she is today.

In Bronwyn’s journalism days, her passion for writing feature stories on an individual’s triumphs and challenges, truly embedded her desire to delve further into the sense of the hero’s journey.

She also reveled in her stories on compassionate communities as well as the ‘seen and not heard’ hidden stories of grittiness within human behavior – all loved by her avid readers and followers.

These experiences in turn, attracted & catapulted Bronwyn into many years ahead of studying these numerous human behaviors and modalities & right into the rich complexities of the Australian Justice System.

Here Bronwyn witnessed people, their families and friends under tremendous stress and most certainly not at their best. From basic driving offenses to sexual assault, murder, fraud – the whole spectrum, Bronwyn was accordingly challenged by her own judgments, prejudices and compassion.

She worked with and was mentored by people with amazing insight and skills, whilst some in positions of authority showed some of the shadier sides of what people do when they’re in charge of others’ lives – again leading Bronwyn to further exploration & understanding of human behavior.

Whilst always dabbling around the edges of self development, working in Justice and with ‘real’ people, this environment necessitated that Bronwyn also be responsible for herself,
‘walk the talk’, use the tools she was learning and show how incredible these new tools could be both personally and professionally.

This was the beginning, an unravelling of what Bronwyn knew she should be doing and the revealing of her archetypal adventure.

The unravelling of her own life, lead her to archetypes, how they are a catalyst in defining who ‘you’ show up as and understanding her own unconscious motivations & behaviors.

Renown and Leading world expert on Archetypes – Caroline Mysis, became Bronwyn’s mentor whilst learning and mastering this incredibly powerful tool – one that can be so effective on the surface, whilst intrinsically, deeply trans-formative.

Bronwyn began spending much of her time in the US, with regular trips to the UK and working with people all over the world.

She worked with small businesses on team building, recruitment, succession planning & conflict resolution to name a few.

More and more business owners were open to and asking questions about their lives from an archetypal perspective when they recognized that what was happening in their business was imitating other areas of their lives.

Bronwyn again unravels the void between understanding for example who you present as when you go for a job interview, why you get along with someone yet clash constantly with another, why you are attracted to a certain career….. as all of these behaviors have an archetypal answer ensuring a much more complete picture of how you respond or react under different stresses, joys & everyday situations on both personal and professional levels.

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