Interim Management Transition Support

In her many years working with employers in different sectors and with a range of diverse organization's, Bron recognizes that managers on every level are indeed the oil in the wheels. But what does ‘good management’ look like?

A good employee does not necessarily automatically make a great manager – no matter how hard working and dedicated that person may be. In worst case scenarios, employees promoted into a managerial role without the necessary skills and support, can eventually morph into the dreaded Micromanager. This can deteriorate morale, and cause feelings of being undervalued or untrustworthy.

Managing and leading teams effectively often requires a new skills set, and one that can take time to develop. Bronwyn Boyle consulting can work with managers, both new and existing, in order to fast track that process of developing good employees into great managers.

Interim Management and Transition Support can help with supporting:

  • Newly-appointed managers transitioning in to their role, from outside or inside the organization.

  • Recent graduates with ‘real life’ managerial skills and workplace-specific scenarios.

  • Existing managers with a difficult employee or situation.

  • Senior managers in balancing competing priorities, projects, staff and departments

Bronwyn will be the first to tell you: managers at all levels need to feel supported to perform their best. When a manager has the right skills and is able to create an environment for staff to thrive, the business always benefits.

If you have newly recruited managers, transition support is a targeted and cost effective way to help your business thrive.

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