An Acting Workshop With John Coppola

Exploring Archetypes To Land The Part

In this workshop, you’re going to be working with Hollywood’s very own John Coppola and archetype consultant Bronwyn Boyle to discover THE NEW APPROACH.

With THE NEW APPROACH, John Coppola teaches actors and artists how to discover what is unique and marketable about themselves through a process of exercises and archetype work. Through an incredible journey of self-exploration, actors learn to tap into their natural emotions to bring themselves to a role for auditions and performances. Emphasis is placed on balancing each actor’s yin and yang to figure out each actor’s purpose, in order to secure the parts truly right for them.

One thing is certain, nothing stays the same and change is constant.
Every industry is learning to adapt and the entertainment industry is experiencing a metamorphosis on all fronts.

In the spirit of adaptability, the virtual teaching world has opened a window of access to tools and people and broken down borders and the tyranny of distance.

This will be an online workshop. From John and Bronwyn’s loungerooms to yours, this class is on offer for the first time in Australia.

Watch the Q&A video below and see a little of the history of Studio C Artists.

“I’m struggling to get an audition!!” “I can’t seem to get in the room”

“I got the audition but not the part!!” I got in the room but didn't get the part"

“What do I need to do to stand out from the rest?”

My response is, “In the card deck of life, what is your strong suit?”

We all have numerous archetypal patterns within us. Be it the artist, damsel, the king, and the underdog that takes his ‘hero’s journey’. We’ve all seen characters that we associate with actors, and can’t imagine anyone else playing that role. Kevin Costner was ‘The Bodyguard’, no-one remembers him in ‘Tin Cup’. An archetypal miscast.

Not every role is for you, you have to find the ‘YOU’ you bring to a role and own it.

Knowing your archetypes is the richest work you’ll ever do. That strong sense of self and what you bring to a role is essential.

Choosing the parts right for you and honing your ability to adapt on the spot is gold.

THE NEW APPROACH is a way to get seen and remembered. Take your acting career to the next level. Whether your dream is to take the Australian Film and Television by storm, or try your luck where dreams are made, this is the class for you.

In Hollywood, the Coppola name needs no introduction. John has long been one of the most sought-after acting coaches in LA and the list of his clients is closely guarded. Bronwyn Boyle has been lucky enough to learn from and work with John at his studio over the last 12 years.

Watch the videos and read his bio and you’ll get a sense of the man and his dedication to the work. John Coppola has coached and mentored students, up-and-coming talent, A-list artists, and worked in the industry spanning decades.

The entertainment world has been reshaped in a way that no-one could have imagined a year ago. As we know the why, what, where, when, and how of the entertainment industry is shifting on all fronts from film, television, and theatre.

This weekend intensive is designed to

  • demystify Hollywood

  • how to showcase yourself authentically

  • develop your personality and showing you how to bring it to your work.

  • Stand out and be remembered

In a time when artists are clamoring to reposition themselves within their passion for their craft, the timing of this class couldn’t be better.

Directors, Producers, and Writers can also benefit greatly from participating in this class.

Limited to only 15 places.

(waitlist available)

Understanding the impact of Covid has had on the entertainment industry, we are offering a 50% Scholarship for all 15 places.

This is a small group to ensure everyone has individual coaching and opportunities for feedback. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Weekend Archertypal Intensive

Appropriate breaks will be taken throughout the weekend.

Friday evening March 12, 6 – 9pm (AEDT)

Saturday March 13, 10am – 5pm

Sunday March 14, 10am – 5pm


$AU795.00 (yes! normally $1590)
All places are 50% Scholarship.

Payment will only be processed after submission of the items listed below and you’re sure this is the class for you.

To audition for this class. We’re asking for you to submit three things;

  1. A headshot

  2. Resume

  3. Self tape of 1-3 minutes in duration

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